Global Ethical Supply Chain – Human Rights & Product

At BMW Group respecting human rights is fundamental.

Our global supplier/partner network makes a major contribution to value creation, quality, innovation and consequently to the success of the BMW Group. Suppliers, therefore, have a significant impact on our sustainability performance and the sustainable development of society.

As such, it is essential that our partners fulfil the same social and environmental standards we set ourselves. The BMW Group Supplier Sustainability Standard requires compliance with internationally recognised human rights, as well as labour and social standards. In 2005 the company issued its Joint Declaration on Human Rights and Working Conditions at the BMW Group. It is also committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact and International Labour Organisation.

Global Sustainability & Product Responsibility

Taking social and environmental responsibility for everything we do is an integral part the BMW Group. Product responsibility is also central to the BMW Group, from fuel-efficient drive technologies, through to innovative mobility services and safety.

More than half of the electricity the BMW Group uses worldwide is derived from renewable sources. The company aspires to be not only, the leading provider of individual mobility, but also the most sustainable. This is why every one of the BMW Group’s business decisions takes into account, not only commercial considerations, but social and environmental factors – along the entire value chain – from saving resources in production, to developing safe, fuel efficient vehicles.

With the help of EfficientDynamics, the BMW Group has steadily reduced the CO2 emissions of its fleet over many years. We pursue the long-term vision of emission-free mobility, which we aim to achieve with holistic premium electro-mobility and integrated mobility services. .

We are systematically reducing our environmental footprint in the area of energy usage, by continually enhancing the energy efficiency of our processes. We also evaluate the use of wind and hydropower at our sites and purchase renewable energy. Our long-term goal is to obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable sources. For better resource and energy efficiency, we strive for a closed-loop resource management, focused on waste prevention and recycling.

Global Responsible Corporate Citizen

As a corporation, the BMW Group has responsibilities, not only for its associates, partners and customers, but also for the society of which it is a part of – our wider global village.

One of the BMW Group’s foundations that promotes the development of global societies is the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation, which initiates development projects to advance and test new forms of entrepreneurial thinking and practice.

The BMW Group also honours the voluntary work of its associates around the world. The BMW Group Recognition for the Social Engagement of our Associates, is presented on a regular basis and provides prize money to support winning projects. A further accolade, the Doppelfeld Foundation’s Special Award, which also provides prize money, is presented to projects by associates aged 35 or under.

From intercultural innovation; social inclusion; responsible use of resources; educational projects; university partnerships and sponsorships for the arts and culture, corporate citizenship at the BMW Group concentrates on areas where the company can contribute most to positive change.

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